The mother of Frankensteins monster, 2021

The Mother of Frankenstein’s Monster researches production of bodies and identities in relation to motherhood. Through different methods of casting, both traditional and digital, this project explores the concept of the child as an unruly descendant of the mother. Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley tells the story of a young student that sets out to create human life but then abandons his creation out of fear when succeeding. The different sculptural outcomes invite the viewer to regard the result of a mother who tries to grasp the fact that she has lost control over the most important thing she has created.

Afternoon Nap Memorial, 2021
CNC milled styrofoam after 3Dscan of a sleeping child

Still Life, 2021
Styrofoam, spray paint, jesmonite
installationview, Sockerbruket 2021
Armful, 2021
styrofoam, spray paint, jesmonite, epoxy and playground sand
Photo by Tegnerforbundet 2022

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