A house  is the ultimate sculpture,
Chapter 1: Dirt and dignity

Text composed by excerpts from 'Purity & Danger - An analysis of concepts of pollution and taboo' by Mary Douglas
Voiceover by Agnes Aldén

Leftovers sculpture
stained table cloth, IKEA picture frames, led strip light

Dirt is just matter out of place sculpture
plastic floor mat, playground sand

Bathroom tornado sculpture
washcloth, hair & resin on bathroom tile

Cat skratching sculpture (before skratches)
catnip spray, textile, foam rubber and cardboard


Floor sculpture, work in progress, 2020-05-07

Floor sculpture study 2020-05-05

Window/lightbox test 2020-05-03
Stained table cloth

Stained and washed table cloth

Study for Tshirt-sculpture, 2020-05-02

Cat scratching sculpture, before scratches 2020-04-30

Intentional unintentional mark-making 2020-04-26
Dirty table cloth test    
Grease spot test

Unintentional mark-making 2020-04-21